Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Dreams 01-06-08

I'm going to have to start drawing little cartoons to go along with these dreams, as well as only choosing the interesting ones. But for now, here's what I remember from last night:

Dream 1
The temperature is 67 F today, and tomorrow is forecast to be -1F. What?!

Dream 2
I am back at my old toy job. The entire R&D dept is under the covers in a giant bed watching a big flat screen tv. It's showing a new movie that we are going to be developing product for. We're watching the movie for the the first time to get ideas for the toys. I am at the edge of the bed, closest to the screen, with the right side of my head on a comfy pillow. My boss is directly behind me and he keeps pushing the covers up so that my view of the tv is partially blocked. I can see with my right eye, but not the left. I keep trying to push the blanket away, but can never quite shake my head free.

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